Range girl. (at Hilton El Conquistador Country Club)

David made sure to keep everyone fully loaded with range balls.  (at Hilton El Conquistador Country Club)

David made sure to keep everyone fully loaded with range balls. (at Hilton El Conquistador Country Club)


First golf cart ride (at Hilton El Conquistador Country Club)


#reasonmytoddleriscrying (at Hilton El Conquistador Country Club)


David golfing at 2y/o #hyperlapse


What do you want to do today? Ride the train? Alright boss, let’s do it! (at Sprinter)


Abby practicing with 9 iron at 4 years, 4 months.

What does Batman say? “Na na Batman!!!”

What does Batman say? “Na na Batman!!!”

David is eating 1/4 of a watermelon…

David is eating 1/4 of a watermelon…


Why you should watch The Wire

Now I never have to tell anyone about The Wire ever again… I’ll just link  them this article. It always bugs me when I try and explain why people should watch it - it’s kind of hard. It just comes off sounding like a normal “good tv show”. 
While shows like West Wing, or Season 5 of Breaking Bad, are frequently listed in Top 10 lists, The Wire is the only TV show that I have never found outside of any top 10 list of best TV shows or best TV seasons. 
What I would compare it to the most would be the Schindlers List and/or The Pacific of tv shows (yet not as depressing due to subject matter). Is it anyones favorite TV show? Probably not. Is it something that everyone should see? Yes, definitely. Will you write your own email like this to evangelize it to your friends after you finished it? No, cause now you can just forward this one!

What’s important to know before starting it: 
It almost got cancelled after each of the first 3 seasons due to lack of viewership, probably because it’s notoriously hard to get into: Entertainment Weekly named The Wire the best show of 2004, describing it as “the smartest, deepest and most resonant drama on TV.” They credited the complexity of the show for its poor ratings.”
Don’t start it, until you can give it the entire first season, I’ve seen people hooked after 4-5 episodes, and some (my wife) not hooked until 1 or 2 episodes into Season 2. It definitely takes at least 5-6 episodes to just start getting to know the complexities of the characters.
Why everyone should watch the wire, It’s really important, says everybody:
…universities such as Johns HopkinsBrown University, and Harvard College have offered classes on The Wire
President of the United States Barack Obama has said that The Wire is his favorite television series.[96] 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa, wrote a very positive critical review of the series in the Spanish journal El País.[97] The comedian turned mayor of ReykjavíkIcelandJón Gnarr, has gone so far as to say that he would not enter a coalition government with anyone who has not watched the series.[98]
The Wire ”has tackled the drug war in this country as it simultaneously explores race, poverty and ‘the death of the American working class,’ the failure of political systems to help the people they serve, and the tyranny of lost hope. Few series in the history of television have explored the plight of inner-city African Americans and none—not one—has done it as well.”
The Baltimore City Paper was so concerned that the show might be cancelled that it published a list of ten reasons to keep it on the air, including strong characterization, Omar Little, and an unabashedly honest representation of real world problems.

The reviews are insane: 
MetaCritic assigned The Wire’s fourth season a weighted average score of 98%, the second highest score for any television season in Metacritic history (with the fifth season of Breaking Bad being the first).
Wire vs West Wing
(For Ryan) 
By Critic
Wire 8, West Wing 4
Wire 9, West Wing 10
Wire 6, West Wing 42
Rotten Tomatoes: 
Wire Season 1: 82%
Wire Seasons 2-5: 100%
West Wing: Not Rated! :-(
By Reviews: 
Wire 6, West Wing 69 
The Wire 8th, West Wing 100+


West Wing Rotten Tomatoes (Audience): 90, 100, 92, 100, 83 = 93
The Wire Rotten Tomatoes (Audience): 97, 90, 98, 98, 93 = 95.2
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